1154 Pastaria

1154 Pastaria serves fast, fresh and homemade pasta in the heart of Cuba street, alongside an organic and natural wine list. Our aim is to source the best possible ingredients to make the best possible versions of the pasta dishes you know and love.


Dine - August 1 - 14

Shell'ter from the Storm

1154 AD was the first clear reference to pasta recorded, charting trade from the Port of Sicily. 868 years later, in our own little port on the other side of the world, we continue the journey.

Inspired by the trading of culture, stories and produce that would've come through Wellington Harbour, 1154 Pastaria are 'trading' in flavours from the port of Hong Kong, and re-imagining one of their classics. They've paired Alla Vodka sauce with Hong Kong "Typhoon Shelter" prawns, a style of cooking well-known among sailors and typical of locals in the harbour sheltering from storms and in doing so have created the story of Wellington's Port in a bowl.

Dish Description: Housemade tomato rigatoni with tiger prawns in a cream, tomato and vodka sauce with sweet chilli, garlic and Hong Kong-style ‘Typhoon Shelter’ crumb

    *Cannot cater to dietary requirements

Price: $35

Availability: Lunch & Dinner

Burger - August 12 - 31

Super Umamio

Beef patty with umami seasoned fried mushrooms, prosciutto, Swiss cheese, crispy shallots, sweet onion jam and four-cheese sauce in a Brezelmania red potato and sesame bun, with umami salted crisps

  • NFNut Free

Garage Project Beer Match: Kohaku

Price: $28 / with Garage Project beer $38

Availability: Lunch & Dinner