Frequently Asked Questions

Hungry for answers? Here's a shopping list of frequently asked questions. 

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Festival Events

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When do tickets go on sale?

  • 2018 Visa Pre-sale (just need a Visa card): 12pm, Monday 18 June - midnight Tuesday 19 June 
  • 2018 General ticket sale: From Thursday 21 June (12 noon) until sold out

Where/how can I buy my 2018 Festival Event tickets?
From ticketek OR by clicking on the links within the event listings on this website (only live when tickets are on sale). If you have created favourites, you'll be able to purchase from the events saved here also. 

Speed up the process (correct as at 31 Jan 2018 - information subject to change)

  • You can be My Ticketek member to make purchases - create an account before the ticket releases if you don't have one, or sign out as a guest at time of purchase. 
  • Why not sign up to Visa Checkout? This is a secure server that stores all your credit card details and means you don't need to keep adding the numbers in. 
  • Want multiple tickets? Use the shopping basket feature. Popular events sell out in minutes, so purchase them all at once to save time (plus less booking fees!) 

What’s the difference between Pre-sale and general sale?
Visa Pre-sale is for Visa cardholders (debit and credit). You can also use Visa Prezzy Cards to purchase tickets during the Presale. 

If you miss out or don't have a Visa, there’s another chance to purchase tickets during general ticket sale 12pm, Thursday 21 June (available until sold out or the day prior to the actual event). 

Will events sell out during the Visa Pre-sale? How can I tell? 
Sort of. Pre-sale allocations can sell out, BUT for every event, a portion of tickets are kept for the general ticket sale, which starts 12pm, Thursday 21 June. 

You can see if an event is sold out via the event page on ticketek OR via the event listing on this website. Please note there may be a slight lag on and take a minute or two to update. We also recommend clearing your cache (CTRL+F5 or Apple+R / command+R). 

How come events sell out so fast? 
Unfortunately events don't have the capacity of say, a music concert and instead there are on average only 30 tickets per event, with hundreds of people trying to purchase them (imagine packing 10,000 people into Logan Brown!). This means they can sell out very fast, but with over 140 events to choose from, we're sure there's alternative options to suit your appetite.

What about Beervana? 
Beervana does have thousands of tickets available, but this is split into four sessions. In 2017 three of these sessions sold out - so if beer, music, food and a great time takes your fancy, grab those before your chosen session is gone! 

What events can I purchase tickets to?
All events are ticketed, aside from the below: 

What are the booking fees?

Ticketek's standard transaction fees apply when booking Festival Events.

Ticket price Ticket Issuance Fee
Any price $3.00 (Box Office, Agency, Call Centre, Internet, EzyTicket™)
Payment Method Payment Fee
C/C (Visa, MC, AMEX) 2.55%
C/C (Diners) 2.65%
Delivery Method Delivery Fee
EzyTicket/Mobile Ticket No Charge
Mail $2.00 per transaction
Courier $4.50 per transaction
Rural delivery $7.00 per transaction

I want to buy all of the tickets!! How many tickets can I buy to each event?
We love your enthusiasm, but to try and keep things fair there’s a purchase limit of maximum 10 x tickets per Festival Event.

What's this company name on my credit card bill?
When you book a Festival Event, the charge on your credit card bill will say "Ticketek” our ticket supplier

Oops. I think I deleted my confirmation email with the tickets attached.
Don’t worry! Complete Ticketek's Contact us form with an explanation and they will reissue your ezyTicket™(s) to the email address advised at the time of your purchase.

Be sure to advise all the details of your initial purchase (i.e. date of purchase, event, confirmation number and account number) to assist us in reissuing your ezyTicket™(s).

What can I do if I can't pay by credit card?
While booking online is the best way to guarantee you secure the tickets you are after, if you don’t have access to a credit card you can always pop down to your nearest Ticketek Box Office and purchase your tickets in person.

You can also buy a Visa Prezzy Card to purchase festival tickets during the Pre-Sale (and at other times too!).

If there are no more tickets to the Festival Event I wanted to go to, what can I do?
You can go on the waitlist by filling out this form. We can then advise you first, if the Festival Event decide to add extra sessions or up their numbers. Festival Events may put on extra sessions if there is demand, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter or sign up to our e-newsletter. 

Can I get a refund or change events once I’ve bought a ticket?
Just like other major events, Visa Wellington On a Plate has a no-refund policy for Festival Events.

Dine Wellington

What's the difference between lunch and dinner?
LUNCH: A Festival Dish course at one of three price points, $20, $25 or $30. This fits perfectly into a lunch break, as multiple courses is often tricky to get through in under an hour and also suits a group where some diners want to order a Burger Wellington, and others the Festival Dish. 

DINNER: eateries may offer the Festival Dish or a 2, 3 or 4 course set menu at one of four price points: $35, $45, $55 or $65. 

For both, beverages are additional, and at your choice.

What is a 'Festival Dish'?
The Festival Dish is a main course, which is entered into the Best Festival Dish award. Every time you try a Festival Dish, score it out of 10 here on from 10am, 10 August and help us decide the finalist. Find out more

We challenged chefs and eateries to create their dish to the 2018 theme "PARTY". Go on - give Dine Wellington a go!

Not everyone in my group wants the Dine Wellington offer, can I still enjoy it?
Absolutely! Not everyone at your table has to order the Dine Wellington offer for you to be able to enjoy it. A few people at your table may like the sound of the Dine Wellington Festival Dish or dinner menu whereas others may be craving their favourite meal from the everyday menu or may want to try what's on offer for Burger Wellington presented by Garage Project, if the restaurant is participating.

Do I have to book in advance to enjoy a Dine Wellington menu?
We recommend that you make a booking, if the restaurant offers the service (please see their listing on here to check). Whilst not essential at all places, making a booking does mean the restaurant knows you are coming and you won't miss out! It it is advisable to book during busy times. 

Can I book a table online for a Dine Wellington restaurant?
Yes! You can book online here via their listing on if the restaurant is a Restaurant Hub member, or check their website. 

Where do I send my complaint if I am not happy with a meal/service at a participating restaurant?
If you have a complaint we recommend talking to the manager at the venue first and foremost as they are best placed to help. If you would like the Festival to be involved, please put this in writing to and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

I have special dietary requirements. Can I request specific Dine Wellington menus and Festival Events accommodate my requirements?
Please note the dietary descriptions on here and if in doubt, contact the restaurant or Festival Event organiser directly.

Can I score all the Festival Dishes I try?
Rate it out of 10! From 10-26 August you can rate Festival Dishes out of 10 to help decide who will be crowned the winner for 2018 in the Festival Awards

Burger Wellington Presented by Garage Project

What is Burger Wellington presented by Garage Project?
Restaurants enter the ‘battle of the burger’ competing to produce the most original, tasty or unique burger showcasing Wellington’s regional ingredients or to the theme 'Party'.

How can I score all the burgers I try?
Rate it out of 10! From 10-26 August you can rate Burgers out of 10 to help decide who will be crowned the winner for 2018 in the Festival Awards

Do I have to book in advance to enjoy a burger, and can I book online?
We recommend that you make a booking, if the restaurant offers the service (please see their listing on here to check). Whilst not essential at all places, making a booking does mean the restaurant knows you are coming and you won't miss out! It it is advisable to book during busy times. 

You can book online here via their listing on if the restaurant is a Restaurant Hub member, or check their website. 

Burger Wellington Cookbook
The most delicious, weird, wacky and popular recipes from the annual Burger Wellington competition have been released in a new cookbook. 

You can purchase the book here or at any of these fine retailers:

  • Moore Wilson's
  • Iko Iko
  • Ekor
  • Unity Books
  • Garage Project Cellar Door

Cocktail Wellington

What is Cocktail Wellington?
Wellington’s finest mixologists create the perfect cocktail and tapas match. Restaurants and bars will offer you a delicious selection of creative cocktail creations teamed with tapas treats.

How can I score for the cocktails I try?
Rate it out of 10! From 10-26 August you can rate Burgers out of 10 to help decide who will be crowned the winner for 2018 in the Festival Awards

Programme Guide

Where can I pick up a copy of the 2018 Programme Guide?
The 2018 Programme Guide will be available from 6 June, for all the details of where to find it, check here

But remember... all the information in the Programme Guide will be also here on the website from 5pm, Tues 5 June!

I want a PDF file version of your Programme Guide. Please?
We'll upload a link to the guide from Weds 6 June. 

If you're out of Wellington and can't spot one and really want a copy, email us at and we will make sure you get your hands on one.

About the Festival

When is Visa Wellington On a Plate in 2018? 
10 - 26 August 2018

What is Visa Wellington On a Plate?
Visa Wellington On a Plate is New Zealand’s largest and tastiest food festival running for 17 days. Get the low down! We are celebrating our 10th birthday in 2018!

How can I get amongst the festival?
When it comes to your favourite Dine Wellington menus and Festival Dishes, simply book or rock up to the restaurant, be seated and enjoy. If burgers are your thing, the annual Burger Wellington will keep you very busy and full; help determine Wellington’s best burger creation. If you fancy tasting a tantalising tipple, try Cocktail Wellington.

To save your spot on one of the popular Festival Events, head to the Festival Events section to see what's on. Festival Events tickets go on sale 18 June (Visa Pre-sale 18-19 June, General Ticket Sale 12pm, 21 June).  Some Festival Events sell out in minutes so try book early to avoid disappointment.

How big is the festival?
In 2018, the festival has something for every taste and budget with nearly 100 Dine Wellington menus and 130+ Festival Events, nearly 200 Burgers and 60+ Cocktails. It’s now proudly the country's largest culinary festival. 

How long has Visa Wellington On a Plate been running?
2018 marks our 10th anniversary festival. It all started in 2009 and has grown in leaps and bounds since.

Can I use a discount card or voucher for my Visa Wellington On a Plate menu?
You can use official Visa Wellington On a Plate issued Vouchers and vouchers for the restaurant, but no discount cards/discount vouchers/coupons can be used for on any Visa Wellington On a Plate menus. 

How can I keep informed about the festival?

Creating an account and how to favourite/shortlist

How do I favourite an event, burger, cocktail or festival dish to create a shortlist? 
Simply click on the heart icon next to any event, burger, cocktail or festival dish that takes your fancy and it will be added to your favourites

This makes planning easier, and you can keep a track of all the delicious things you need to book! 

You can also create your own lists and give them any name that you fancy. You'll soon be able to share those lists with friends! To save the lists, you'll need to create an account.

Why create an account? 
By creating an account (we promise to keep your info safe and secure!), you can update, change, amend and revisit your favourited shortlists at any time.

You also need an account to be able to rate the burgers, cocktails and festival dishes you try for the Festival Awards.

Something else...?

Help! The website doesn't seem to be loading?
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If still no luck, please send us a screen shot with the browser and version you are on to
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My question wasn’t answered here, who can I contact to find what I need?
Please send any questions to and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.