Restaurant 88

With true Vietnamese dining in mind, Restaurant 88 presents sumptuous metropolitan Vietnamese flavours, service and atmosphere.


Dine - August 1 - 15

Three Ways of a Duck

Our Dine Wellington dish is a nod to an inspirational friend. A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero is someone who encourages people and who deeply cares. This is my friend, business mentor and motivator... Don.

One of the early Chinese settlers in Wellington who has seen Tory St. change from a quiet suburb to a bustling inner-city spot, his involvement
and development in the neighbourhood has helped put Tory St. on the Capital's map.

One of his favourite dishes is duck, an Asian classic, eaten during numerous celebratory and festive occasions. We take the classic Asian poultry, duck, and serve it in three different ways to showcase this elegant ingredient.

Dish Description: Pulled duck spring rolls with glass noodles, mushrooms, herbs and spices, Oriental-style duck wrapped in lotus leaf, cooked in a clay pot and Vietnamese-style duck salad with root vegetables and ginger dressing.

  • DFDairy Free
  • NFNut Free

Price: $26

Availability: Dinner

Regional Beverages

Te Aro Wine, Pinot Noir: $12

Garage Project, IPA: $9

Burger - until October 3

The Yin and Yang

Paua patty with line-caught fish fillet, tomato, pickled onion, lettuce and mayonnaise in a Pandoro brioche bun, with kūmara fries.

  • NFNut Free

Price: $21

Availability: Lunch & Dinner

At Yours

Description: We offer delicious, healthy and tasty Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist - restaurant quality food made easy for you to dine at home. We source, prepare and cook everything fresh on the day so you can enjoy the full flavour of all our dishes at your convenience.

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways

Availability: During business hours of operation.

Cuisine: Fresh, healthy and delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Delivery & Pickup available

Delivers to: Wellington CBD Wellington Eastern Suburbs Wellington Northern Suburbs Wellington Southern Suburbs Wellington Western Suburbs

Some of our favourites

Beef Noodle Salad

Rice noodle, fresh salad, Vietnamese lime dressing, onion oil, fresh Asian herbs, topped with stir-fried lemongrass beef, roasted peanuts and crispy pork, prawn and crab spring rolls. Super-healthy and delicious.

Vietnamese Shaking Beef

Sirloin beef wok-tossed with special chef soy sauce, onion, pepper, cucumber, tomato and Vietnamese red rice. Super tasty and delicious.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Sliced beef on a bed of rice noodles with a slow-cooked beef broth, served with housemade beef meatballs, onions, sprouts, fresh herbs, chilli and hoisin sauce. Super yummy and healthy.