Hillside Kitchen & Cellar

Hillside Kitchen & Cellar serves up modern Kiwi cuisine in an historic villa, just on the fringe of the CBD.


At Yours

Description: We will be offering a three-course " Heat and Eat" style meal pack. We will also be offering a coffee and snack lunchtime service for pick up.

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways Heat & Eat

Availability: Tuesday to Sunday. Meal pack pick up is between 4pm and 6pm. Deliveries will be a single afternoon run. Coffees and Snacks 1030am to 1.30pm Tuesday to Friday 10am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday

Cuisine: Kiwi Cuisine. Meatless/Plant Based/Vegetarian whatever you want to call it, its just good local food.

Delivery & Pickup available

Some of our favourites

Mushroom polenta

Foraged mushroom and New Zealand grown polenta