The White Swan Country Hotel

The White Swan is an iconic country hotel in the heart of Greytown, with a real passion for our region. At The Swan, we celebrate the best of what the Wairarapa has to offer, through our food, beverages, accommodation, and warm rural hospitality.


Dine - August 1 - 15

Shipwrecked and Landed

Inspired by the legendary tale of the SS White Swan, dating back to 1862, when the ship was racing from Auckland to open the first parliament in Wellington. One stormy morning the politicians aboard were awoken from their slumbers by a fearful noise, as the vessel struck a reef. Amidst rising swells and with water gushing into the damaged hull, the Captain quickly made the desperate call to abandon the ship. Clutching only a few scant belongings, the crew clambered into lifeboats and headed for the nearest shore, watching the poor Swan roll violently from side to side before meeting a watery end. The place of landing was Uriti beach, east of Greytown, and four miles from the station of the most hospitable John and Mary Moore. Fortuitously they retrieved some of the travellers’ luggage and a 12-month store of grog. Not so lucky were the government cases, holding important papers and last seen floating towards the Chathams. Shelter and accommodation were offered in the Moores’ woolshed, along with a scrumptious spread, hunted and gathered from the land and sea right there in their backyard. This dish sets out to recreate the meals provided to the politicians by Mr and Mrs Moore - the humble and generous Wairarapa farmers who filled their bellies with an abundance of local produce - before they made it to Wellington safely and claimed it the new Capital of New Zealand.

Dish Description: Beef eye fillet with Parkvale mushroom, Wairarapa paua and Kingsmeade sheep cheese risotto, Urban Fresh Farms oyster mushrooms and Wairarapa seaweed Café de Paris butter.

  • GFGluten Free
  • NFNut Free

Price: $39

Availability: Dinner

Regional Beverages

Borthwick Estate, Paddy Borthwick Pinot Noir: $15
Colombo, Syrah: $16

Burger - until October 3

Baa Baa Za'atar

Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with Zany Zeus halloumi, eggplant and Juno olive kasundi, tomato, lettuce, onion tempura and tzatziki in a The Old Bakehouse za'atar brioche bun, with chunky fries and aioli.

  • GFGluten Free_possible

Garage Project Beer Match: Arvo XPA

Price: $24 / with Garage Project beer $33

Availability: Lunch & Dinner