ESSC EATS is a small hospitality business created in Eastbourne. Owners Rebecca and Mark have turned their passions for food and hospitality into ESSC EATS - bringing wholesome delicious food to the Eastbourne community.


Greatest Hits

Curried Kai Pie

Homemade Beef Pie with curried kumara topping - served with mango chutney and green salad with crispy onion bhagi pieces tossed in a raita dressing.

Pie’s are one of our most popular items sometimes seen on our menu! We wanted to make this one extra special by including some of our favourite Indian flavours.

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At Yours

Description: Offering you a large variety of wholesome and delicious food. Weather you are entertaining your own family or just getting out of cooking for the night - we are here to offer you a wide range of fresh and frozen products delivered right to your door!

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways Heat & Eat Frozen Meals Meal Kits (some cooking required)

Availability: Open 24/7 - We take orders minimum of 24hrs before delivery!

Cuisine: Wholesome, homemade, family style food! Soups, curries, fresh bread as well as protein and salads!

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Some of our favourites

Lemongrass + Turmeric broth with Chicken and Udon noodles!

The ultimate comfort soup! this is a firm favourite of ours! full of delicious noodles, mushrooms and chicken a perfect wholesome soup.

Homemade Beef Mince + Camembert Pies!

These pies are the epitome of comfort food! you can always enjoy with salad...for balance.

Slaw + Toasted Coconut Salad!

This salad is a real crowd pleaser and is extremely Morrish! It is packed with fresh herbs! The toasted coconut and nuts add an amazing texture.