In the heart of Wellington's CBD, Dillinger's Brasserie & Bar is here to wine and dine you in style! Have a coffee in the sun, enjoy a selection of Wellington's finest craft beers, or tickle your taste buds with a menu that pays homage and respect to revisited classics.


Dine - August 1 - 15

All Shuck Up

In the late 1940s the American army and Navy arrived on New Zealand shores to strengthen their military presence in the Pacific with them they brought money and their culinary tastes. With a healthy appetite for seafood, the American soldiers flocked to Wellington and lapped up the hospitality. The team at Dillinger's has taken the history of the foreshore and the influence of American food culture and created an American icon menu incorporating ingredients from the land and sea to pay homage to the history of the site and to one of the most infamous American Military eaters.

Dish Description: Oysters Rockefeller with loaded potato skins, bacon, Kāpiti cheese and Zany Zeus smoked yoghurt.

  • DFDairy Free_possible
  • GFGluten Free_possible
  • NFNut Free_possible

Price: $38

Availability: Lunch & Dinner

Burger - August 13 - 31

The Fat Elvis

Grilled beef patty with pepper candied bacon, American cheese, Fix & Fogg Smoke & Fire peanut butter, grape jelly, sweet and spicy pickles and beer battered banana fritters in a Brezelmania brioche bun topped with cherries, with shoestring fries and a dipping vanilla shake.

    *Cannot cater to dietary requirements

Garage Project Beer Match: Raspberry Cabaret

Price: $29 / with Garage Project beer $35

Availability: Lunch & Dinner

Cocktail - August 1 - 31

Rock 'n' Rolo

Vanilla vodka, raspberry liquor, blue curacao, peach liquor, Wooden Spoon ice cream and Baileys-infused whipped cream. Accompanied by a toasted marshmallow, salted cracker and rolo s'more.

  • VVegetarian

Price: $16