The Old Quarter

Modern Vietnamese cuisine



Berlin Meats Hanoi

Dish Description: Slow roasted Preston's barbecue pork hock seasoned with bay leaf, garlic, onion and caraway seeds served with housemade gravy, cabbage, pickles and dipping sauce.

The Old Quarter has chosen to break the mould by having a crack at a German barbecue classic; Schweinshaxe. To showcase their adaptability, they are stepping out of their comfort zone to serve European cuisine for the first time, and having fun while they do it.

  • DFDairy Free
  • NFNut Free

Price: $28

Availability: Lunch & Dinner


Chocolate Rain

Strawberry vodka, white Creme De Cacao, dark Creme De Cacao and milk garnished with fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and Wellington Chocolate Factory KW Garden Milk Chocolate shavings. Accompanied by fresh strawberries with chocolate sauce.

  • NFNut Free

Price: $23