Baron Hasselhoff's

Learn the mysteries of tempering chocolate, the amazing origin story of chocolate, create your very own delicious chocolate bars and learn the insiders secrets of dipping chocolate.


At Yours

Description: Boutique chocolates, sweets and craft chocolate bars.

We offer: Local Product (e.g bakery, vegetable boxes, butchery, etc)

Availability: Delivery via couriers, Monday-Friday.

Cuisine: Chocolate, sweets, caramels, truffles, bars, craft.

Delivery available

Some of our favourites


Some people do it for the paycheck. The Baron does it for love. Like the time he swiped right on ‘Rosemary’ a stormy-eyed sailor with mermaid tattoos and a wooden leg. For their real-life meet, he created a recipe in her honour: soft, chewy caramels infused with fragrant rosemary and a kick of Blenheim sea salt. They’re as good as they sound. But sadly, Rosemary wasn’t. She was a 94-year old cat lady who just wanted free chocolate. Bummer. Awarded a GOLD medal and best in class at the NZ Chocolate Awards 2020.


A homage to Mexico, to Frida and the dreams of returning to those sweet shores. Blend of five chilli's, spices and almonds ground into a beautiful chocolate, topped with pepito’s and spiced sesame seeds. Some say Berhampore is the new Berlin.


Ever tried drinking coffee in zero gravity? It's a nightmare. But, desperate for their morning cup of joe, the cosmonauts in Kazakhstan's Super Secret Space Station had to find a way. So they called in The Baron. He got busy mixing 73% dark chocolate and locally-roasted Rich espresso in their Super Secret Space Kitchen. Now whenever they need to get caffeinated, they don't even have to boil their Super Secret Space Kettle. They just pop one of these truffles instead.