Neo Café & Eatery

Neo's clean and modern aesthetic offers a relaxed environment for inner-city clientele, with fresh cabinet and menu food.

Bookings: Not taking bookings


Dine - August 1 - 16

Festival Dish

Warm vegetable salad of campfire Parkvale mushrooms, turmeric roasted cauli, Zany Zeus crumbed feta and beetroot creme fraiche.

  • GFGluten Free
  • NFNut Free_possible
  • VVegetarian

Price: $20

Availability: Lunch

Regional Beverages

Almighty , organic carrot orange turmeric juice: $5

Burger - August 17 - 31

Raising The Baa

Chipotle and lime braised lamb shoulder with smoked Brinza, candied streaky bacon, pickled cucumber and cabbage slaw, shredded lettuce, aioli, mint and coriander yoghurt in a Turkish bun, with hand-cut Parmesan fries. Matched with Garage Project Weird Flex - Grapefruit, Cucumber and Celery Sour.

  • GFGluten Free_possible
  • NFNut Free

Garage Project Beer Match: Weird Flex - Grapefruit, Cucumber & Celery Sour

Price: $22 / with Garage Project beer $32