Where to find the programme guide

Feeling new school?
All the info in the guide is available online, here at VisaWAOP.com - plus more. You can also log in and save your favourites! You can even arrange these into your own personalised lists; date nights, burgers I must try, VWOAP day trips, events to splurge on – the options are endless. 

Feeling old school?
Still love the crisp feel of paper and highlighting your heart out? See below.


Grab a physical copy of the programme from Wednesday 6 June onwards from the following locations:

  • In the 6 June issue of The Dominion Post
  • In the July issue of Cuisine Magazine if you are a subscriber (on sale June 11) 
  • Moore Wilson's Fresh
  • Wellington City Library
  • New World Thorndon
  • Wellington Airport
  • Wellington City Council Reception
  • Local hotels
  • Regional i-Sites
  • Selected cafes and businesses (check your staff room!) in Auckland and Christchurch

If you're out of Wellington, can't spot one and really want a copy, email us at info@wellingtononaplate.com and we will make sure you get your hands on one.

Digital download

A fair warning - it's large, even reduced size at 10mb. Download here and enjoy.