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Go on a journey of Wellington’s diverse culinary scene as we savour and celebrate the food stories of Wellington.
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How a cup of coffee became the mother of Ethiopian cuisine in Wellington | 2022 – Ep.7

Joel Teka, the son of an Ethiopian refugee had initially set out to be a graphic designer, but his creative career took a delicious new culinary direction. Find out how he went from roasting beans in his studio to becoming Wellington's first authentic Ethiopian restaurant.

How the wines of France made it to Martinborough and beyond | 2022 – Ep.6

For this episode, we’re taking you on a journey which began in the vineyards of the Rhône Valley, Lyon, which is known among food lovers as the centre of gastronomy.

From farmers in India to hospitality tech leaders in New Zealand | 2022 – Ep.5

From farmers in India to sugar plantations, to market gardeners, fruit shops and now to hospitality tech in New Zealand. Hear from Sanjay Dayal who shares his family knowledge and love of connecting customers with the tastiest and freshest produce.

How Wellingtonians got introduced to Malaysian flavours | 2022 – Ep.4

Head of Mission Her Excellency Ms Nur Izzah Wong Mee Choo, High Commissioner of Malaysia takes us back to the origins of the Malaysian flavours everyone is so familiar with in Wellington.

The Sea Breeze Inn ft. Morgan McGlone & Martin Bosley| The Feed Weekly

Morgan McGlone and Martin Bosley, two food icons coming to the Sea Breeze Inn, featured in the Feed. Weekly podcast​ to chat about next week event. Hear all the good things coming your way this 29-31 July at the Sea Breeze Inn​.

Visa Wellington On a Plate is back! | The Feed. Weekly

The Feed. Weekly

After two years of Covid disruption Visa Wellington on a Plate is back! This year the theme is State of Flux and the Feed. Weekly​ podcast host, Vincent, was joined by director Sarah Meikle and head of programming and events Beth Brash.

A Taste of the Taverna | 2021 - Ep.3

Andronicos Economous

From farmers’ markets to supermarkets, olive oil is almost everywhere these days, but restaurateur Andronicos Economous from Wellington's Greek Cypriot Community, can remember a time when the pharmacy was the only place you could buy it - even then it was only in tiny medicine bottles.

How Chinese immigrants transformed our dining scene| 2021 - Ep.2

Esther Fung

Hear from Esther Fung from the Wellington Chinese Association about the cookhouses providing the comfort of home cooking to a mainly bachelor community in Haining Street at the turn of the 20th century, and the influences on our dining scene from the diversity of more recent Chinese immigrants.