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Four Dine Dishes to Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

May 8, 2023

Dessert for dinner? Or just needing to satisfy the sweet tooth? These venues have you covered with a sweet twist to their Dine Wellington dish. Check out these tantalising offerings as Wellington's chefs 'break the mould' on dessert. 

NEO CAFE - Would You Could You Wasabi Pie?

After taking out Dine Wellington last year with their take on flat white, Neo Café are back with another mind twisting, mould breaking dessert. Exploring how ingredients can traverse cuisines and be inverted from savoury to sweet. This year Neo has teamed up with Wellington's hand-crafted gelato company, Gelissimo, to bring you an unexpected take on the lemon meringue pie.  

Gelissimo yuzu sorbet and wasabi gelato, burnt cinnamon and lemon marshmallow on Joconde sponge with lemon shortbread crumbs, makrut lime curd and Microgreen Team micro basil

WATERFRONT BAR & KITCHEN - A Passion For Chocolate

With a more literal approach to the theme and this dessert's mould needs to be broken by pouring a scrumptious hot chocolate sauce over top. As it melts it's way through the white chocolate shell, you'll be rewarded with a decadent boysenberry chocolate mousse cake centre. Dessert and a show, what more can you ask for? 

Boysenberry and chocolate mousse cake with Whittaker's hot chocolate sauce and Carello del Gelato passionfruit and ginger sorbetto.

ZELATI - Absolutely Avo-licious!

 Avocado toast like you’ve never had before! Breaking the mould with Zelati’s housemade real avocado gelato encased in a 72% dark chocolate ‘avocado skin’. As you bite into the smooth gelato, you'll discover a surprise - a peanut butter sorbet 'avocado pip' nestled in the center. Sitting on top of a housemade gluten free waffle cone and toasted rice. 


BIN44 - This Is Just The Vegan-ning!

A vegan dessert that could convince anyone that plant-based dining is just as delicious as it's counterparts. Bin44, while is perhaps more well known for their smoked meat boards and craft beer, are breaking their mould for this dessert. 

Plant based coconut and mango crème brûlée with Carello del Gelato Tropicoal sorbetto, poached pear, Whittaker's Dark Ghana chocolate, chilli and coconut brittle.