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Your secret santa according to your work persona: The under $20 gift guide

November 28, 2022

It’s that time of year when everyone is scrambling for gifts for the people you spend a lot of time with, but might not know as well as you could. If you need inspiration for your annual office Secret Santa, this is the foodie gift guide that will get you into the good books.  All of these come in under the usual $20 limit too!

For the work wife/husband

They are your desk buddy, your meeting mate and go to for work-related heart to hearts. They can be relied upon to bring you a coffee exactly when you need it the most. They have got you out of a pickle more times than you can count. Treat them with Pickle & Pie! You can pick up one of their famous jars for just $15, or splash out on a voucher to cover coffees and more!


For the organiser

They take on all the thankless tasks with equal amounts of aplomb and efficiency, from the Christmas party to corralling meetings. Work simply does not work without them. Thank them with Wellington Chocolate Factory's artisan treats! There's a variety of blocks from just $10 and a wide range of gift bundles on offer.  Plus, from now until Christmas Eve 10 cents from each purchase will be donated to the Mission. 

For the introvert

It’s headphones on at all times for this quiet overachiever. They get on with the job and put out impeccable work. How? We don’t know. Regardless, they will be very quietly pleased with this quietly awesome Tumjal eggplant relish that can quietly turn any old dish into a flavour sensation. Trust us, we’ve taste tested this concoction and it is an unassuming knock out! From approx $14 per jar available online and at various stockists. 

For the detailed-oriented

The eagled-eyed proof reader that spots the ‘pubic’ before it goes ‘public’ and picks up on all the other little details that catch people out. All these efforts can be a bit of a drain on the brain. Help them relax with beers from one of Wellington’s local breweries - Garage ProjectParrot DogDouble VisionFortune FavoursWhistling SistersMean DosesBoneface BrewinAbandoned BreweryDuncan’s Brewing Co.Waitoa BeerHeyDay Beer…the list goes on! Plus, the majority do ‘low and no’ alcohol beers too. Most breweries offer budget friendly cans, or you could go in for a takeaway flagon that will most definitely get a good way!

For ‘not on monday’ 

It takes a while for this one to warm up to the working week.  Don’t expect to see any tasks completed on a Monday, and do not even think about speaking to them before they’ve had a morning coffee. Sweeten them up with a PORNO donut from selected eateries, or go large and grab a box for $36, these treats will send their energy levels sky high. And, they’re vegan friendly too.

For the big personality

From the moment they enter the building, EVERYBODY knows it. As well as all of the intimate details of their work and personal lives…and it is SPICY. We all know more than we should, or would.  Give them some Apostle hot sauce, starting from a budget friendly from $12 online for a bottle, this gift is hot, loud and packs a punch!

For the entertainer

Every office needs someone with entertaining yarns and solid one liners that get everybody giggling. What is work life without wit? Joyless! Keep them fuelled with a bag of beans from one of our local roasters which will see you well under the usual $20 gift limit. Check out festival favourites Mojo.

For the one 'always eating'

You’ve barely arrived at your desk and they’re already munching on morning tea. A large lunch won’t dissuade them from an afternoon snack. Their stomach is a bottomless pit. Get in their good books with Asian Food Republic for the most snackable office munchies you can imagine starting from just $10.90 - we guarantee they’ll be gone by COB. 

For the intern

They are young, bright and keen as. Bubbling with ideas and boundless energy, they keep everyone in the office on their toes and up to date with everything. The future is bright. Keep them powered with some cute specialty jars of Fix & Fogg which will be equally appreciated in their flat kitchen or snack drawer. Jars start from $7.50, just make sure they don’t have a nut allergy.

For the BOSS!

While you probably won’t be able to afford to send them to the best spot in town, you can always pick up a voucher which will see them part ways there! Some top spots offering $20 giftcards include Field & GreenCafe L’affare and Best Ugly Bagels! For the very best. Capitol vouchers start from $25 if you did have some stretch…