The Green Man Pub

One of Wellington's busiest CBD gastro bars, The Green Man Pub is great for an informal catch-up, lunch or after work drinks.


Greatest Hits

The Widowmaker Burger

Chargrilled 100% grass-fed beef patty, streaky bacon, American cheese, crispy buttermilk chicken, Greenman sauce, dill pickles and ketchup on a buttered milk bun.

A dish that just won't go away, due to popular demand. Buttermilk fried chicken, 100% beef patty, cheese, streaky bacon, dill pickles, burger sauce, onion tangles and dragon breath sauce, served in a milk bun and accompanied by fries and aioli. More than most arteries can take. Health conscious managers tried to remove it, but this calorific beast just kept coming back. Conceived out of pure gluttony, this indomitable feast combines everything a carnivore loves in a burger. Although the tasting panel could not finish the feast and at first refused to let it out of the kitchen, our customers love it and it gained a cult following in a matter of weeks. The Devil is a big fan. It started with our epic Greenman cheeseburger, which is still on the menu, but we wanted to see where we could take it. Evolving over the years as we changed suppliers and chased the best products possible, it’s the pleasure and the guilt that makes this burger so magnificent. It’s the burger your wife tells you not to eat and your doctor won't be happy about. It’s not trying to be healthy and it's not hiding anything - it's just the 3 main burger food groups between a soft buttery bun, all working in perfect harmony to double down on your taste buds and tickle your arteries. The balance of fat, salt and acid is a thing to behold. Give the Reaper a call – tell him you’re going out in style.

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It's the burger your partner tells you not to eat, it's the dish your doctor won't be happy about, but the balance of salt, fat and acid is a thing to behold.