Arborist Rooftop Bar & Eatery

They say you can’t beat Wellington on a good day, and what better way to spend it than being perched high above the city, basking in the sun The Arborist focuses on fresh natural food and beverages using greenery and floral note infusions throughout the Menu.

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Description: A range of our finest burgers, bar snacks, Poke bowls plus the addition of Party Packs, Heat and Eat meals, party favours and cocktail mixers. Individual drinks and non alcoholic cocktail mixer packs also available. If you call direct on (04) 8018867 you can access our full Bubble menu (advertised on our social media) from all sites as we are operating from our Lulu Kitchen. This includes Boom Burger, Poke Face, Lulu, The Arborist and El Horno. Pick up is from 35 Courtenay Place, Boom Burger store front.

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways Heat & Eat Meal Kits (some cooking required) Drinks (Alc and non-alc)

Availability: 12pm-9pm daily. Please note pick up is 35 Courtenay Place from the Boom Burger store front

Cuisine: Modern Fusion

Delivery & Pickup available

Some of our favourites

Our top 3 Visa WOAP Heat & Eat Burger kits

Fancy a walk down memory lane? we are bringing to you a heat & eat delivery kit of our top three Visa WOAP burgers including the one pictured on the front cover of the Burger Wellington Cook Book. $75 for three burgers just choose one of the following options: a. Ain't no Routine Poutine (2019) b. Milk & Cheese (2018) c. The Lamberjack (2015)

Collection of Arborist goodies

Try out our DIY Family Taco Kits, our Fried Chicken family pack, or our Munchie Box for your whole bubble to enjoy.

Poke Face Bowls available

Partner wants a Burger and you want a healthy well rounded meal.... why not get both? We are offering Poke Face from our joint kitchen so you can all pick and choose options that suit you best.