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From our range of True Brownies (single-origin chocolate brownies, made from chocolate produced right here in Wellington), to delicious treats made to satisfy your sweet tooth, Lashings wants to #MakeYourBellyHappy.


Greatest Hits

Lashings GF Caramel Slice

GF coconut base, topped with oodles of caramel, single-origin Dominican Republic chocolate from Baron Hasselhoff's, and just a sprinkling of sea salt.

When we created the GF Caramel Slice it was to add another gluten free option to our menu and throw it back to a childhood favourite, with a twist (as with everything we do). Little did we know that our Caramel Slice would become THE treat our customers would come back for, time and time again, and an instant classic staple on the Lashings menu.

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At Yours

Description: On offer for collective delivery through The Pandemic Pack are our most popular cabinet treats and baked goods, including our life-changing GF Caramel Slice, our range of ready-bottled Six Barrel Sodas, and our brand new Build-Your-Own Brownie Bar kit for you to indulge in. You can even sub out our ice cream for Wooden Spoon Freezery ice cream for a bit extra! And as for Saturdays? Well Saturdays are for #SoNuts... You can also order packs of brownies (4-packs & 6-packs) through our website for nationwide delivery. Still here to #MakeYourBellyHappy, only this time from the comfort of your home.

We offer: Local Product (e.g bakery, vegetable boxes, butchery, etc)

Availability: Friday - Sunday delivery with The Pandemic Pack (9 - 11am or 3 - 5pm). May also be picked up from the contactless inner city Central Hub "Drive Thru", or on foot. Brownie boxes ordered through our website sent with NZ Couriers.

Cuisine: Baking, Sweet Treats, Modern

Delivery & Pickup available

Some of our favourites


You've had it at #LashingsHQ, now make it at home! Build-Your-Own Brownie Bar kit comes with a 4-pack of brownies, 500ml tub of our in-house ice cream, sauces and toppings. Sub out our ice cream for a tub of Wooden Spoon Freezery ice cream for $10 extra.

GF Caramel Slice

Our GF Caramel Slice apparently changes lives. What else do you need?