Tartines, French Cafe

Nestled in Rimu Street’s Village Corner in Eastbourne, the café boasts a large sunny conservatory space and one of the most authentically French menus in town. Sip barista-made coffee while tucking into a tasty croissant, a delectable crêpe with lemon and sugar, or an indulgent croque monsieur


Greatest Hits

Goat Cheese Salad

Warm goat cheese toasts, oak leaf lettuce, tomato, walnut & bacon dressing.

This salad was created by our French Head chef, using French ingredients. the goat cheese comes directly from France, as well as the bread for the toast. The walnut and bacon dressing is a classic dressing that originated from the countryside of France. We add a little bit of Aotearoa with a drizzle of 100% New Zealand honey. One story we would like to share is about one of our regular customer. She used to come with her husband, very often for lunch. Unfortunately he passed away last year but since then, she often comes with her grandchildren and she always orders our goat cheese salad (the gluten-free version). She doesn't need to let us know what she wants, we just look at her, and ask her if she would like her usual order... and she smiles.

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Description: We are offering our delicious French pastries, as well as bread, homemade soup, quiches Lorraine, Shepherd's pie & salmon Lasagna. Lemon Tart or chocolate tart for Dessert.

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways Heat & Eat

Availability: Tuesday to Saturday Pick up: 9am-12pm delivery 12pm-4pm

Cuisine: French cuisine

Delivery & Pickup available

Some of our favourites

Lemon & Meringue Tart

Our famous lemon meringue tart

Traditional Shepherd's Pie

Traditional Shepherd's Pie. This item is gluten free