Greytown Hotel - The Top Pub

Step inside the historic Greytown Hotel and feel the nostalgia of yesteryear, fused with lots of character and contemporary dining.

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Description: We are offering from our Bar Menu favorites BB pulled pork burger, our range of pizza, and Southern fried chicken. From 1860 restaurant we will have to offer a different meal every evening so you can enjoy our restaurant in your home.

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways Drinks (Alc and non-alc)

Availability: Available every evening from 5 to 8 pm, orders must be in by 5pm the evening before delivery or pick up. Delivery only in Greytown

Cuisine: European

Delivery & Pickup available

Some of our favourites


Ostrich with carrot puree and warm zucchini quinoa salad


Gurnard Fillet topped with tropical fruit salsa, mash potato, and rainbow beet

Pulled Pork Burger

Slow cooked pork with spices, served in a soft bun with slaw and kumara fries.