Brew'd Boulcott

Your local neighbourhood bar serving great food and a range of craft beer and beverages.

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Burger - August 17 - 31

Black Stallion

Double beef patty with Louisiana barbeque sauce, chilli pickles, crispy prosciutto and smoked Brie in a charcoal potato bun, with beer-battered fries and burger dipping sauce.

  • DFDairy Free
  • GFGluten Free_possible
  • NFNut Free

Garage Project Beer Match: Golden Path - Juicy Session Hazy IPA

Price: $23 / with beer $31

Cocktail - August 1 - 31

Apple Crumble

Spiced Whisky with apple cider, egg whites, lemon juice, butterscotch, oats and brown sugar, accompanied by a whisky flapjack.

  • NFNut Free
  • VVegetarian

Price: $14

Apple Grumble


Roasted barley tea with apple juice, egg whites, lemon juice, butterscotch oats and brown sugar. Accompanied by a whisky flapjack.

  • NFNut Free
  • VVegetarian

Price: $8