Kelburn Village Pub

Feel at home at the KVP - we have something for everyone and don't believe in holding back just because we are a pub!


Dine - August 1 - 14

The Tender Duke

In the 1970s Ruth Pretty saw a charming old building in Kelburn and created one of Wellington's first fine dining restaurants, Marbles. In 2010 the Kelburn Village Pub was founded in its stead. While the Kelburn Village Pub is not a fine dining establishment, the winds of change always leave an imprint on tradition and the team upholds some of the traditions instilled here in the 1970s. This festival offering combines long-cherished dishes from different parts of the world adding a hint of something new and unexpected. Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, earned the nickname the 'Iron Duke' for his traditional political fortitude, however, there is evidence that suggests he was more open-minded than his nickname suggests. This Festival Dish celebrates the more tender, worldly side of the Duke.

Dish Description: Beef tenderloin with port wine jus, creamed kale, and Greytown mānuka honey-spiced carrots

  • DFDairy Free_possible
  • GFGluten Free

Price: $35

Availability: Dinner

Regional Beverages

Gladstone, Viognier: $14.5
Gladstone, Pinot Noir: $17

Burger - August 12 - 31

Pregnant Pickle

Bocconcini stuffed sirloin patty with Choice Fruit Gin Pickled Cucumber, Greytown mānuka honey-glazed bacon, mozzarella, parmesan, and herb mayonnaise in an Arobake red milk bun, with smoked paprika steak fries

    *Cannot cater to dietary requirements

Garage Project Beer Match: Chipper

Price: $25 / with Garage Project beer $38

Availability: Dinner