The Butcher and Brewer

Petone’s only gastro-bar offering the finest in slow-cooking and smoking, often with a twist on an English theme.


Greatest Hits


Slow cooked and smoked ribs marinaded in our unique BBQ sauce, accompanied by rainbow slaw and our famous hand cut chips.

From the infamous EMPIRE Hotel to the Butcher and Brewer, our rebranding journey was a heritage one, settling on the old Gear meat works as our inspiration with an emphasis on all things meat. With a focus on low and slow, and a smoker in the mix, came spectacular results. Experimenting with cooking times, methods and spices, and developing our secret BBQ sauce produced an instant hit - BBQ ribs with a depth of flavour that other ribs just don't have. Lovingly rubbed with with our special blend of herbs and spices, our ribs are left to infuse for 24hrs before being smoked over a low heat for at least 6 hours, and then basted in our uniquely savoury BBQ sauce (a pleasant change from the sickly sweet) and left to marinade overnight. One more basting in BBQ sauce before cooking ensures juicy, tender meat you can tease off the bone with your teeth or a fork - the sign of the perfect rib. Not cooked so much that the meat will fall off the bone, but perfectly created so it just stays on. Served as a 600g portion or a whopping 1kg if you can handle it, accompanied by rainbow slaw and our famous hand cut chips.

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Ribs so perfectly created they are a work of art.

At Yours

Description: We will be offering our famous slow-cooked and smoked ribs and chicken wings, a selection of our ultimate burgers with hand cut chips, some tasty nibbles like pork belly bites and lemon pepper squid and our new loaded chips menu. Pre order/pay and book a time for contactless pick up from our drive through car park (coming soon). We also have a new "Dine At Home" menu including many of your favourite dishes vacuum packed for you to finish off at home at your leisure.

We offer: Ready to Eat/Takeaways Heat & Eat

Availability: Order 10am for same day pick up - choose pick up time open 11am till 8pm 7 days a week excluding public holidays

Cuisine: BBQ ribs, chicken nibbles and smoked products. Ultimate burgers and loaded chips. Home meal replacement.

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Some of our favourites


Amazing no meat, plant-based patty with double cheese, fried egg, chipotle mayo, in a brioche bun with hand cut chips and aioli.

RACKS OF SMOKED RIBS fresh from the smoker

Racks of 24-hour dry rubbed and 6-hour smoked ribs served as a half (600g) or full 1kg rack. Smothered in our in house spicy BBQ sauce.


Low and slow apple smoked pork belly with chilli slaw and hoisin sauce in a brioche bun with hand made chips.