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Unique style restaurant partnering with Dilmah tea, focusing on tea inspired food and beverages with particular emphasis on Sri Lankan cuisine and flavours.



Tea & Cheese Harmony

Though the combination may sound surprising at first, most of us are familiar with how satisfying a humble cuppa is with cheese on toast. Tea and Cheese Harmony will take this experience to the next level. Fine tea can dignify cheese in a way that no other beverage can.

Senuka Sudusinghe, the in-house tea sommelier, will guide you through the experience as you enjoy the finer intricacies of tea and cheese pairings. This combination is a unique experience to transport you through your senses.

The energy and vitality that characterizes Sri Lankan drums brings the next layer of sophistication to elevate the experience. Born in the temples and places of worship where the drums were played in honour of the gods, these drums are an indispensable part of most celebrations and ceremonies. Celebrate the finer quality of tea and cheese through the smooth rhythms of the Sri Lankan drums.

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Various times

May 19, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

May 19, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

May 20, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Price: $99

Event enquiries: bookings@dilmahtlounge.co.nz

*This event has shared seating

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The Last Of The Leftovers

Dish Description: Pan roasted Habala Pethi with honey mustard glazed carrot and beetroot, Zany Zeus feta and halloumi and mixed Microgreen Team micro mesclun.

Rice occupied a very special place in traditional Sinhalese society; everyone from the King to the humblest of farmers in the village had a vested interest in agriculture. They were proud cultivators, and so rice was used as the key ingredient in many medieval Sinhalese meals, with savoury and sweet foods both incorporating rice. Habala Pethi is one of these rice dishes.

Habala Pethi is made by boiling or steaming raw rice along with the hull, sun drying or roasting it in a pot and finally pounding it in a mortar till it turns to flakes. Sinhalese mothers would semi-sun-dry leftover cooked rice and pound it to make sweet treats called Aggala, which would accompany morning or evening tea. Sustainable food systems like these from our past, with strategies such as minimising food wastage, could be the key to a sustainable future.

Inspired by the theme, this dish adds a modern twist to traditional ideas, showing the continuous growth of cuisine styles with ideas generated by creative people. The one who makes small changes to improve the existing ideas will create better experience for future generations.

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Price: $28

Availability: Breakfast & Lunch


Oolong Time Coming...

Dilmah Single Estate oolong tea with bourbon, rosehip and hibiscus infused citron vodka, triple sec and housemade Dilmah Tea and herb sour. Accompanied by a spiced lamb croquette with plum relish and Zany Zeus cheese with a lavender and Lapsang Souchong infused cream.

  • VVegetarian_possible

Price: $24

Oolong Time Coming... Rewritten Non-alcoholic version

Nitro-infused Dilmah Single Estate oolong tea with cinnamon elixir, rosehip and hibiscus bitters, Indian tonic, tea and a herb sour.

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  • NANon-alcoholic

Price: $21