Wellington Producer Marketplace Participants

2020 Wellington Producer Marketplace Participants

Here's who's exhibited their Wellington Region grown, made or created food products at this years Wellington Producer Marketplace. Get in touch and create some magic together! 

Abandoned Brewery 
A place joy forgot, jumbled of mismatched parts, broken bones of a brewery brought back to life. A never-say-die attitude, this monster lives.
Products showcased: Hazy #1, Hazy #2
Contact: orders@abandonedbrewery.nz
Apostle Hot Sauce 
We offer a unique range of small batch sauces handmade in Paekākāriki.
Products showcased: St. Peter -Kiwifruit & Kawakawa Verde. St John - Mango, Turmeric & Ginger St Phillip - Roasted Capsicum & Chilli. St Matthew - Manuka Smoked Chocolate Chipotle
Contact: mathew@apostlehotsauce.co.nz
Delivering baked treats for Wellington since 1989.
Products showcased: Burger buns for your Burger Wellington needs.
Contact: max@arobake.co.nz
Awatoru Wildfood 
An artisan fishing and wild food supply company, a small family business based at the Kāpiti Coast supplying the hospitality and restaurant trade.
Products showcased: Albacore tuna pastrami. Wild venison. Fresh albacore tuna. Honey
Contact: Awatoru.fish@gmail.com
Baron Hasselhoff's 
The Baron's disciples are ready to serve up all of your sweet treat needs.
Products showcased: Our bean to bar chocolate.
Contact: chocolate@baronhasselhoffs.com
Bidfood Wellington 
Products showcased: Ideas and creativity
Contact: jason.harrison@bidfood.co.nz
Products showcased: Longkeeper micro greens
Contact: shelley.coley@bidfood.co.nz
Bohemein Fresh Chocolates 
At Bohemein Fresh Chocolates, our aim is to bring the high standard of European Chocolate craftsmanship and quality to New Zealand taste buds.
Products showcased: Vanilla Marshmallow Fish. Mini Truffles. Bohemein Breaks 
Contact: jiri.havlik@bohemein.co.nz
Carrello del Gelato
Delicious authentic Italian Gelato made using only the best and freshest New Zealand and imported ingredients.
Products showcased: Our latest released products and as always we are happy to create flavours for specifically for restaurants.
Contact: nathan@nzgelato.co.nz
Coney Wines 
The overriding style is minimalist - allowing the fruit and terroir to speak for themselves.
Products showcased: Our unique, high quality wines that are not widely available.
Contact: info@coneywines.co.nz
Cook & Nelson
Cook & Nelson are purveyors of the most exciting and exceptional fare crafted by the best artisan producers in the world. We are obsessed with food and drink!
Products showcased: McClure's Pickles in the new 8kg pails. Seedlip, non alcoholic distilled spirits in three expressions: Garden 108, Grove 42, Spice 94.
Contact: deirdre@cookandnelson.com
Denzien Urban Distillery 
New Zealand’s first urban destination distillery, making brazen craft gin in a gorgeous copper still right in the heart of Wellington city. Officially the best gin in New Zealand!
Products showcased: As well as our double trophy winning Te Aro Dry Gin, our exclusive Distiller's Proof Label - available to bars and restaurants only.
Contact: eamon@denzien.nz
Elysian Foods 
Taramasalata, Tzatziki, olives, sugared almonds. New Zealand's only manufacturer of Taramasalata.
Products showcased: Our new olive-based dip, Elaiasalata.
Contact: toby@elysianfoods.co.nz
We are committed to delivering our customers only the freshest and most versatile wraps, tortillas and Mexican products that are made right here in New Zealand.
Products showcased: Wraps & tortillas
Contact: brooke.lillyston@farrahs.co.nz
Fernglen Farm 
Our prebiotic flavoured sheep milk drinks are crafted using the goodness of nature.
Products showcased: Fresh sheep milk
Contact: fernglenfarm1@gmail.com
Fork Brewcorp
Serious beer business at Fork & Brewer in the heart of Welly. Current NZ Champion Small Brewery. (As well as 2018 NZ Champion Small Brewery.) 
Products showcased: A selection of craft beers, across the entire spectrum, ranging from lagers to IPAs, from sours to stouts, and anything in between.
Contact: jack@forkandbrewer.co.nz
Garage Project
Garage Project is a small brewery based in Aro Valley, Wellington, New Zealand. Try the three Burger Wellington brews at the Wellington Producer Marketplace!
Products showcased: The three new Burger Wellington beers!
Contact: crocky@garageproject.co.nz
Deliciously real, really delicious pesto.
Products showcased: New Plant-Based Range of Pesto and Real Dips.
Contact: kelly@genoese.co.nz
Grafter's Honey 
Local honey sourced from the wild and windy hills of Kapiti, Hutt Valley and Wellington. Raw and natural, the way the bees make it.
Products showcased: Local raw honey
Contact: vanessalang@xtra.co.nz
Greytown Honey
A family business producing the very highest quality Mānuka, Wildflower, Kamahi, Native and Clover honey, straight from the land, in South Wairarapa.
Products showcased: Our existing honey range (currently seven varieties) and a few new flavours and examples of what has been created with our products. 
Contact: greytownhoney@gmail.com
Ice Rescue and Daily Squeeze
Delivering freshly squeezed juice and top grade ice to Wellington businesses. 
Products showcased: Ice and citrus products
Contact: juiceandice@gmail.com
Kate's Kombucha 
Kate’s Kombucha is a local, Wairarapa based company. It's best because our Kombucha is brewed in really small batches, we just have a lot of them!
Products showcased: Kate's Kombucha!
Contact: katehepburn22@gmail.com
Beyond Burger 
Distributed by Ken Wilson Meats.
Products showcased: The Beyond Burger - meat free meat
Contact: sharongnz@kenwilsonmeats.co.nz
Kingsmeade Artisan Cheese 
Since 1998, artisan cheese makers Miles and Janet King have quietly created a broad range of supreme ewe and cow's milk cheeses on their idyllic 30-acre farm on the outskirts of Masterton, in the Wairarapa, New Zealand.
Products showcased: Sheep and cow cheese, sheep milk yoghurt, 
Contact: info@kingsmeadecheese.co.nz
Koakoa Limoncello and The Bond Store
Award wining liqueurs and spirits from the Kapiti Coast. NZ.
Products showcased: Koakoa Limoncello, Gold Medal at 2019 Cathy Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition. The Bond Store Kawakawa Gin, award-winning gin handcrafted using Wairarapa Kawakawa
Contact: chris@thebondstore.co.nz
Lashings make delicious small batch baked goods, produced locally in Wellington by British pastry chef Jackie Lee Morrison.
Products showcased: Lashings sweet grazing table
Contact: lashingsfood@gmail.com
Leafyridge Olives
At Leafyridge Olives, we pride ourselves on the quality of the olive oil that we produce here in the Gladstone region of the Wairarapa.
Products showcased: Our oils have a freshness and authenticity in flavour that inspires creative cooking.
Contact: leafyridgeolives@outlook.com
Leeds Street Bakery
The home of Wellington's salted caramel cookie...
Products showcased: Premium quality sourdough bread that prioritizes organic farming and sustainability. Not to mention the famous salted caramel cookie; an unforgettable treat and the ultimate product to stock, sell and share! 
Contact: leedsstbakery@gmail.com
Libertine Blends 
Organic teas for everyday nourishment, to share and to gift. Hand blended in small batches, Libertine Blends high quality tisanes.
Products showcased: Runaway Rose - rose, elderflower, lavender, vanilla. Kapow - kawakawa, cardamon, lemongrass, chilli. Minty Ohm - mint, lemon balm, manuka, rosemary. Lightning Green - sencha green tea, gingko biloba. Exhale - milk thistle, dandelion root, nettle leaf, cinnamon, peppermint, liquorice.
Contact: anna@libertineblends.co.nz
Maiden Brewing Company 
Maiden Brewing Company is a small brewery and blendery that focuses on wild, spontaneous and mixed fermentation based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Products showcased: Multiverse Blanc (dry hopped sour). Multiverse Passionfruit (Passionfruit sour).
Contact: adam@maidenbrewing.co.nz
Matahiwi Estate Vineyard 
Matahiwi Estate is a family owned winery with a dedicated team working to deliver our distinctive style in each bottle. 
Products showcased: Bubbly Rosè and a range of our barrel samples.
Contact: sales@matahiwi.co.nz
Mean Doses 
Fresh mean creations from the brewery sold in any dose you like from the fillery, along with guest taps, bottled beers and other stuff, all for takeaway.
Products showcased: Samples of our freshly brewed beer and our very first cans!
Contact: dean@meandoses.co.nz
Meat Direct
Meat Direct is an online retail and wholesale butcher in Wellington. We source the finest quality meat, poultry, and seafood for convenient delivery to you.
Products showcased: Te Mana Lamb. Handpicked 55 day aged beef. Special blends of mince.
Contact: sales@meatdirect.co.nz
Mushroom House
We provide people with highest-quality fresh mushroom products as part of a rebalanced food future
Products showcased: Fresh Oyster Mushrooms. Crispy Oyster Mushroom Chips. NEW Oyster Mushroom Jerky.
Contact: info@mushroomhouse.co.nz
Paekākāriki Pops
Real Fruit Iceblocks, handmade on the Kāpiti Coast
Products showcased: As well as being the only local business making this type of full-sized popsicle, we also make cocktail pops which can be added to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to create a unique drinking experience. Being a small business means we are able to tailor our products when collaborating with others - for example, we just made a Raspberry, Lime & Mint cocktail pop for a Rhubarb & Raspberry flavoured gin for a recent event. We can cater events or develop special products, as well as supplying our regular range of pops to those interested. 
Contact: info@paekakarikipops.co.nz
Plimmerton Kombucha 
The real deal. We don't cut any corners, brewed authentically and without nasty additions.
Products showcased: Lemon & Ginger Kombucha, Crisp Apple Kombucha, Berry Kombucha, Orange & Turmeric Kombucha
Contact: thebrewstorenz@gmail.com
Prana Greens
Tiny organic vegetables, herbs & other plants harvested after two weeks and which contain four to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts.
Products showcased: Home compostable packaging. Horizontal farming. New varieties of leaf/garnish.
Contact: pranagreens@gmail.com
Preston's Master Butchers 
Proudly supporting local businesses and farmers to provide the best quality meat New Zealand has to offer.
Products showcased: Quality NZ protein, brand new Wellington local grown Angus product being released at the event, ability to provide products created specifically to customer requirements including development of exclusive burger patties, butchery skill and service, nose to tail offer. 
Contact: leigh.taulelei@aepreston.co.nz
Primestar Foods Ltd stocks, ages and distributes a wide range of wholesale premium meats to the hospitality industry.
Contact: admin@primestar.co.nz
Reid + Reid 
Martinborough craft distillery using native New Zealand botanicals.
Products showcased: We will be showing our bitter aperitivo and Martinborough cup. We are the only NZ producer of these popular styles of liqueurs.
Contact: chris@reidandreid.co.nz
We cultivate a world of high quality microgreens for Wellington's top chefs, right here in the heart of the city. 
Products showcased: Our range of new varieties.
Contact: steven@shootsnz.co.nz
Six Barrel Soda Co.
Our sodas are handmade in Wellington, New Zealand, with fair trade organic cane sugar, real fruit and no artificial stuff.
Contact: grace@sixbarrelsoda.co
Sparkling water with a splash of real New Zealand fruit extract Imagined and made in New Zealand. No sweetness, just refreshing.
Products showcased: Use occasion for mocktails/cocktails, non-alcoholic pairings, No sugar/low-cal options.
Contact: nigel@skinnyfizz.co.nz
Sone's Sauces 
Sone's Sauces is a humble, family-run business based in the heart of the Kapiti Coast.
Products showcased: A Thai chilli dressing/cooking sauce/dipping sauce/marinade. A Thai style mayonnaise based dressing/dipping sauce/marinade cooking sauce. A Thai style peanut satay sauce that blows your mind! 
Contact: sonemark23@gmail.com
Brewing fine apple ciders from its secret sub-Antarctic headquarters just south of the Basin Reserve in Newtown, Wellington.
Products showcased: New flavour products: boysenberry & apple along with existing flavours, crisp apple & feijoa. 
Contact: Paul@southcider.co.nz
Sweet Release Cakes And Treats/Not A Butcher
Wellington's first all vegan cafe.
Products showcased: Vegan Meat made from scratch
Contact: kristine@sweetreleasecakesandtreats.co.nz
Tohu And Kono Wines 
Tohu means sign or signature in Te Reo Māori, as our wines are a sign of our integrity as custodians of the fertile lands of our country Aotearoa New Zealand.
Contact: meg.malcolm@kono.co.nz
Wellington Honey
Urban Beekeepers and Local Honey Producers 
Products showcased: Raw honey that is suburb specific 
Contact: chris@wellingtonhoney.co.nz
Wild Chef 
Wild Chef is a gourmet food manufacturer that makes chef quality, authentic, wholesome products to support the foodservice industry.
Products showcased: New Products
Contact: jennifer@wildchef.co.nz
Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery 
Founded in Wellington in 2011, we make small batch, hand-crafted ice cream using high quality ingredients.
Contact: Sharon@woodenspoonfreezery.com
We proudly bake and deliver over 70 products daily from our College Street Premises in Wellington.
Products showcased: A range of vegan options. Different types of buns including squid ink and beetroot.
Contact: accounts@zaidas.co.nz
Gourmet Gelato & Sorbet. Made in Wellington, NZ. 
Products showcased: We will be showcasing new flavour combinations and our vegan (dairy and egg-free) offerings.  We love to collaborate with chefs and restaurants to create new, bespoke flavours for restaurant and event menus!
Contact: Hillary@zelati.com