Rimutaka Prison Gate to Plate FAQs

Why are you doing a ballot for Prison Gate to Plate?
Prison Gate to Plate is a very important event to Visa WOAP and to the Wellington community. It’s been running for seven years as of 2019, and every year the demand vastly outstrips the supply of tickets. We think it’s important to give people an even chance to buy tickets for this event and to experience the amazing work done within this working prison to rehabilitate, train and educate prisoners.

How does it work?
Enter the ballot form before the cut off date, enter your details, choose a night and a number of tickets (maximum four per entry). We’ll draw the successful ballot entrants using a random number generator until each session is full and if successful. 

Those whose names are drawn will be emailed a link to purchase their tickets through iTicket. Your link will correlate directly to the number of tickets and the date you selected on the ballot form. If you try to purchase a different number or tickets for a different date, you won't be able to complete your transaction.

If tickets are not purchased by the designated deadline, the code will expire and the tickets will be re-allocated to a new ballot winner. 

How much does each ticket cost?
$100 including fees per adult. Credit card and delivery fees may apply. This event is strictly for those ages 18 years and over.

Can I change my mind?
Once you’re in the ballot, you won’t be able to change your details. If you are successfully drawn for your allocated night, you won’t be able to increase your numbers or change to a different night, so check with your group and make sure you’ve got your session and number if tickets correct before you submit. 

Only one entry is allowed per person – duplicates will be removed from the draw. If you are successfully drawn from the ballot but decide you don’t want to buy your tickets, email us on info@wellingtononaplate.com and we will allocate them to another entry.

What will happen at the event
Attendees will enter Rimutaka Prison, so will need to supply their full legal name for security screening purposes prior to attending. Once proceeding through security, attendees will have a tour of Rimutaka Prison, followed by canapes and non-alcoholic drinks and a chance to chat with uniformed officers and other Corrections staff members.

After this, they’ll enjoy a meal prepared by prisoners who have been mentored by Martin Bosley and guest chefs. Transport to Rimutaka Prison isn’t included – you’ll need to make your own way there and bear any costs associated with this transport.

Attendees will be emailed before the event with specific details about preparing to visit the prison. 

Can the event cater for dietary requirements? 
Yes, as long as these are notified in advance. Successful ballot applicants will be provided with an email address for contacting the team to discuss in advance.