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What’s Fresh with Visa Wellington On a Plate

Go on a journey of Wellington’s diverse culinary scene as we savour and celebrate the food stories of Wellington. Recorded as part of Visa Wellington On a Plate’s Food Story Speaker Series and presented by Te Papa, find out about how some of our favourite foods made it across the ocean, and into Aotearoa’s food history.

Episode 1 - How we got our taste of Italy

Lorenzo Bresolin literally grew up in his family’s Wellington restaurants. He’s the son of Remiro Bresolin of the legendary Il Casino, and one half of the Bresolin brothers. He and his business partner brother Leonardo have continued their father’s tradition bringing Italian charm to Wellington diners. Download Lorenzo's presentation to access the visuals mentioned in the podcast.

Episode 2 - How home-style cooking brought by Chinese immigrants transformed our dining scene

Haining Street was once the centre of Wellington's Chinese community. It was a place to meet and eat home-style Chinese cooking. Over the years replaced with apartment blocks, it left little trace of what was once Wellington's Chinatown. However, its lasting influence is now dispersed throughout the capital.

Hear from Esther Fung from the Wellington Chinese Association about the cookhouses providing the comfort of home cooking to a mainly bachelor community in Haining Street at the turn of the 20th century, and the influences on our dining scene from the diversity of more recent Chinese immigrants.

Episode 3 - A Taste of the Taverna | Wellington‘s once-thriving, now almost forgotten Hellenic Mile

From farmers’ markets to supermarkets, olive oil is almost everywhere these days, but restaurateur Andronicos Economous from Wellington's Greek Cypriot Community, can remember a time when the pharmacy was the only place you could buy it - even then it was only in tiny medicine bottles.

In this episode, Andronicos shares the history of Wellington's once-thriving, now almost forgotten Hellenic Mile.

* a taverna (Greek: ταβέρνα) is a small Greek restaurant that serves Greek cuisine. The taverna is an integral part of Greek culture.

Listen to the 2020 food stories of the Culinary Capital Wellington, in collaboration with Honeycombe and Cuisine Magazine podcasts.  


Wellington Food Stories Speaker Series, presented by Te Papa

Hear from prominent Wellingtonians and learn about Wellington's food story in a series of four bite-sized talks, recorded during Visa Wellington On a Plate 2020. 

Ep 1. - Early Wellington kai

In this episode, Liz Mellish MNZM (Te Ātiawa) talks through the importance of food in Wellington's history from the perspective of tangata whenua. She guides us through our moana (ocean), awa (rivers and streams), māra (gardens and cultivation) and ngahere (bush and forest), and discusses the kai that was present and prevalent before 1840.

Ep 2. - Coffee, the lifeblood of Wellington

Redmer Yska will reveals the lesser-known side of Alexander Turnbull as Wellington's first coffee baron, roasting his Dragon blend in the 1890s and takes a deep dive into the coffee culture of the capital during the victorian era with its all-night haunts like Cafe Au Lait on Customhouse Quay, selling saveloys and Manila cigars on the side.

Ep. 3 - The heady dining days of the late 1980's

Hosted by Kelli Brett, editor of Cuisine, join a panel of well known Wellington chefs from the heady dining days of the 80s and 90s, Martin Bosley of Brasserie Flipp, Grant Allen of Pierre's, Lois Daish of Brooklyn Bar & Grill and Julie Clarke of Clarke's Food Merchants.

Ep. 4 - Wellington Now

Lastly we look to the present, hear from owners iconic establishments who have come to define Wellington's present food scene of top quality and accessible everyday eats. Steve D'Souza of Taste of Home, Rick Unuia of Soul Shack, Tee Phee of Little Penang and Tom Kirton of Tommy Millions.

Ep. 1 - The Back Story

"I'm told that Wellington had well and truly established itself as New Zealand's culinary capital in the 80's. The long lunch was in and as patrons quaffed champagne through their expense account meals it seems 'French Inspired' was the theme behind the most discerning menus.

Chef, food writer and quintessential dinner party bad-boy Grant Allen is reuniting an incredible lineup of chefs over 3 fabulous nights during Visa Wellington On A Plate to celebrate favourite Welly restaurants and dishes from the era that brought us lobster bisque, flambé and eggs in aspic. At the time Grant was sashaying front of house at now-iconic restaurant Pierres. In this episode of Cuisine Bites we take a look back at some of the influences that have driven our restaurant scene and influenced our chefs. I promise you this one will be highly seasoned and deliciously crispy..."

Ep. 2 - On Common Ground

"In a post-COVID world what does Visa Wellington On A Plate bring to the table with regards to tourism, economic development and the telling of the all-important New Zealand food story? The festival runs for the month of October with hundreds of venues right across the greater Wellington region participating, and along with all of the excellent eating and drinking options on offer, there is no denying that WOAP builds a special spirit of collaboration. Hear from Sarah Meikle the Chief Executive of the Wellington Culinary Events Trust and Program Manager Beth Brash on finding common ground at a time when our hospitality industry needs us most."

Ep. 3 - More Than Just A Mouthful with Martin Bosley

"This renowned New Zealand chef and ex-restaurateur has sliced up his heart to serve it to you in a multitude of pieces in this episode. As a result, it is a conversation that is way too special to be condensed into 40 minutes… it’s a story of an uncompromising quest for taste, texture and flavour, unending curiosity, incredible skill and great resilience. 

As the phenomenon that is Visa Wellington On A Plate draws to a close at the end of October, this month-long celebration of all things food and drink in Wellington has once again dished up a fantastic array of deliciousness alongside plenty of opportunities to have a think about our  NZ food culture and understand a little bit more about what that might be.  

So find yourself a comfy corner and settle in, you may want to listen to this one in two-parts, but do listen. It's an intimate glimpse inside the mind of a chef who continues to play a major part in the development of the Wellington & the New Zealand food story. The very talented Martin Bosley..."

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