Love at First Bite

"Hey cutie, it's your foodie cupid here. I'm so glad we've found each other, I'll do my darnedest to fire my yakitori skewer at your chew love - maybe you're interested in finding someone that looks at you the way you look at a bowl of ramen, or maybe you're just here for another burger buddy, let's find your soul plate...."

Visa Welly On a Plate isn't just your usual foodie festival. We've brought together thousands of hearts and minds to share in foodie moments and now it's your chance to find the salt to your pepper (or pepper to your salt!). Love at First Bite is our new social experience where once a week during Visa Wellington On a Plate, a couple of strangers share a lunch, drink or dinner (on us).  

2022 registration is now open! Put your name on the list and fill out this very quick form, you might meet someone special, or even just make new foodie friends. The Visa Welly On a Plate team will review all applications and work hard to find your perfect match.  Registrations will close on 27 July at 12pm.

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