Festival Theme

2021 Theme

“Out of Place”

One of these things is not like the other” - Sesame Street

Like all our themes, Out of Place can mean a million different things and is open to interpretation. It can mean an element of surprise, challenging experiences, adventurousness and the exotic. 

It can also mean out of this place - the cultural or geographical influences on food, or how the soil, climate and geology affect our food - the terrior. It’s the misfits, those that go against the grain. The alternative lifestyles, the rebellious.

The role of the annual theme

Each year we choose a theme for Visa WOAP to tie the programme together, to communicate what’s important, to provide inspiration for participants, to keep the programme dynamic and changing each year, and is also used as a basis for our marketing campaign.

While it is not mandatory you use this theme (we will never turn away great event ideas), we encourage you to strongly consider it - consumers are increasingly interested in the theme and there are new Festival Awards given to the best interpretation of the theme for Dine, Cocktail, Burger & Events.
This is a great way for you to think outside of the box and present fresh ideas.