Festival Theme

2018 Theme


Visa WOAP is turning 10 years old and we’re having a party to celebrate!  The celebratory nature of food is universal. Every culture, religion, season, harvest, holiday, big occasions and life moments – they all bring people together over food. The greatest sign of friendship and connection – and the great leveller – is the sharing of a meal.  Be inspired by Visa WOAP’s 10-year anniversary – think broadly and creatively on what a party, milestone or celebration means to you, your eatery or culture through your Festival Dishes, menus, events, burgers and cocktails.

Some thought starters:

  • Birthdays at different ages
  • Dinner party: potluck, banquets
  • Occasion: engagement, wedding, Christmas, New Year, baby shower, house warming, graduation, farewell, Easter, summer BBQs
  • Milestones: an anniversary, historical moment in time, looking backwards or forwards
  • Type: masquerade, ball, rave, concert, block, costume, garden, cocktail, tea
  • Cultural: fiesta, Mardi Gras, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Matariki
  • Mood: celebrating, and celebrating with the best things and people in life, unifying, bringing joy and fun, treating people, warm hosting. 

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to host a literal party! Be inspired by what celebrations mean to you. 

The role of the annual theme

  • Act as inspiration for Dine Wellington menu creations
  • Provide guidance to the marketing team in developing the marketing campaign for the festival
  • Be used as a selection criterion for festival participants
  • Be used as a Dine Wellington Festival Dish criteria 
  • Can also act as inspiration for any Festival application, whether Events, Burger or Cocktail.