About Us

Visa Wellington On a Plate (VWOAP) is cooked up for you by the Wellington Culinary Events Trust (WCET). The WCET works with Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and Avenues Event Management to deliver the Festival.

The Team


Sarah Meikle

Festival Director - WCET

Sarah loves all things food and wine...she even chooses her holiday destinations based on them.  Sarah has been a core lead in the Festival since the start.

Melanie Walker

Project Manager - Avenues Event Management

Melanie's team came on board in 2011 to manage the logistics of Visa WOAP. She has extensive experience in the food, beverage and hospitality fields, and is a bit of a pinot noir expert.

Leisa Robb

Business Support - WCET

Leisa is camp mother looking after all things finance and administration. She's also an ace on the tennis court and one stylish lady


Jenna Do

Festival Marketing Manager - WREDA

Known to always have room for dessert, Jenna manages the Festival’s marketing and the cook behind the insider’s guide to the festivalFacebook,  Twitter and Instagram


Applications & Logistics | Supplier Logistics

Rebecca Weeks

Event Manager - Avenues Event Management

James Austin 

Event Coordinator - Avenues Event Management

Geoff Copps

Sector Development Manager - WREDA

Media and PR

Sophie Speer

PR Manager - SPUTNIK

Megan Duffy

Media Famil Manager - WREDA



Visa Wellington On a Plate is dedicated to prudent governance and management. The festival is governed under the guidance of the WCET.

The Trust Board comprises: Fran Wilde (Chair), Mike Egan, Paula Jackson, Terry Shubkin, Grant Maxwell, James Bennie, David Perks and Sarah Meikle.

Advisory Board and Curating Committee

The Advisory Board provides the festival team with Dine Wellington and Festival Event selection advice and to act as a "sounding board" for future festival developments and improvements. Meetings are coordinated based on the specific requirements of the festival.