2020 Festival Changes FAQ's

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and government's Level response, we’re making some changes to the way we run Visa Wellington On a Plate for 2020 so you can experience all the fun of the Festival in the safest possible way. 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand how the Festival will work in 2020.

What is the change you are making?

Originally scheduled for the month of August, Visa Wellington On a Plate 2020 will now run for the whole month of October, from Thursday 01 to Saturday 31.

The first eleven days (1st to 11th) of the Festival will be dedicated to Dine Wellington.

The last twenty days (12th to 31st) will be dedicated to Garage Project presents Burger Wellington. 

Cocktail Wellington and Festival events will run for the full month.

Why October?

Planning New Zealand's largest culinary festival takes a long time. As Covid-19 spread in New Zealand and Level 4 lockdown came into effect, planning for Visa Wellington On a Plate was effectively put on hold due to the huge uncertainty around how the virus curve would play out. There was a high possibility that we may not have been able to run Visa Welly On a Plate at all. 

As we moved down alert levels, thanks to the work our team of five million put in to staying home, it became clear that this well loved culinary festival could most likely go ahead this year. So that's what we're aiming for.

October was chosen to: 

  1. Give us the best shot at running the Festival this year when we're anticipating more freedom of movement and less restrictions on things like mass gatherings
  2. Give the Festival organising team and the Wellington hospitality community the time to get ready for a month long food celebration that will be as excellent as we all want it to be!

October is spring after all. It'll be great, don't worry. 

October DOES sound great! What other parts of Visa Welly On a Plate are changing?

Following consultation with restaurant partners and listening to their concerns, we've decided not to have public ratings or Festival Awards for Burger, Cocktail, Dine Wellington for 2020. This year we're all about collaboration, community and lifting everyone up rather than competition. 

Will it be safe to dine in?

Yes! Wellington hospo takes the issue of health and safety very seriously. Every venue who participates will be required to abide by current public health and safety measures as determined by the government, which may include physical distancing, restrictions on numbers and contact tracing. Additionally, food and beverage venues already have stringent health and safety practices in place so we're confident you'll be well looked after. 

What about the International Chef Collaboration Series?

Borders are closed for the foreseeable future so unfortunately the International Chef Collaboration Series is off the table this year. .

Will you be printing a programme guide?

We won't be printing a programme guide this year. This will allow us to be more flexible and produce a Festival programme in a shorter timeframe. The full programme will, of course, be available on VisaWOAP.com.

When will the programme be announced?

Monday August 24th at VisaWOAP.com

When will tickets go on sale?

Monday August 31st – Visa Pre-sale 

Monday September 7th – General Release Tickets on sale

Hey. If you've read this far, thanks for understanding. We know Visa Wellington On a Plate is a festival close to Wellingtonian's hearts and we know it's going to be a little different this year. But it's still going to be the big old fun food festival that you know and love. Don't you worry about that!