Applying Online Guide

We’ve upgraded to a snazzy new CMS – but with all things new there will be some teething problems. If you spot anything, or something doesn’t work please email us. If urgent, call Jenna during business hours on 04 916 1217

If you want to apply to host a Festival Event, take part in Dine Wellington, Burger, Cocktail or the Food Truck Rally, follow the steps below.

  • To start, visit¬†(if experiencing difficulties, please try and create a new account – or log back in.
  • You’ll first need to tell us about yourself – update your details. Even if you are not the chef, or bar manager – we need your details as the person doing the application. You’ll also be in charge of the application including the content, invoicing and anything else we require, so make sure you’re the right person in your team!
  • You’ll have the opportunity under Dine Wellington to add someone else as the contact person – such as the chef if they are the better person to enquire with.
  • Next you need to register a venue. Tell us about the venue type first. Each application form is only available to certain venue types (for example Food Trucks cannot apply for Dine or Cocktail). You can do this multiple times if you are applying for different Festival offers¬†being held at different venues.
  • If you are only applying to operate a Festival Event, you still need to register the venue it will be held at first. If this is not known or still being decided, give us your ideal venue you are hoping to host it at.
  • Tell us about your “venue”! This is the description of your eatery/cafe/restaurant or Food Truck or Bar. Note this is not applicable to Festival Events, as we do not require venue info at this stage.
  • Make sure you note whether the venue has wheelchair access, region and map coordinates. You can get the coordinates by entering the address onto google maps or clicking the link under the map to search.
  • Once you have completed a venue registration, go to your dashboard. You’ll then see which application forms you can fill out for your registered venues.
  • The forms should be pretty straightforward – if you spot any bugs, see contact details above. Note which fields are “required” – you must fill these out.
  • Once you have finished, hit submit. You’ll then be prompted to either generate an invoice and pay your application deposit, or apply for something else.
  • If you hit pay now – this takes you to the invoices tab. You’ll notice a “pay” button on the right of the listing. This has credit card information or you can view the invoice as pay as required.
  • If you want to send us any supporting documents, please email and note your name, the venue name and application type (e.g. Dine/Burger/Cocktail/Event/Food Truck).