Festival Event Selection Criteria 2017

In order to deliver a balanced and high quality programme for Visa WOAP each year, the Visa WOAP Advisory Committee is appointed to assist the Festival team in selecting the final festival participants.  Detailed below are the Visa WOAP 2017 Festival Event Selection Criteria.

The Visa WOAP Festival Event programme is an opportunity for the Wellington hospitality community to shine.  We are looking for Festival Events that leave people wanting more.  They must truly be an articulation of the festival vision.

To help you better understand what we are looking for, check out more information on Tips for running a Visa WOAP Festival Event.

Our Vision

Festival Events showcase the region’s innovative food and beverage offerings as well as the personalities involved in the region’s cuisine scene.  We are looking for different, inspiring and provocative Festival Events that leave people wanting more! They must truly be an articulation of the festival vision…

Feeding people’s appetite for life by bringing them together to share different, inspiring and provocative culinary experiences.

We are looking for events that challenge, inspire, educate, inform, innovate, question and most of all, entertain.  When designing your Festival Event, consider the Visa WOAP Objectives and Values.

Our Objectives

  • To support Wellington’s hospitality and culinary sector to thrive
  • To support Wellington to become one of the world’s great food cities
  • To tell the Wellington Food Story via different, inspiring and provocative culinary experiences
  • To drive economic growth for the Wellington region through visitation and export growth

Our Values

  • Innovative: Seeking our new culinary adventures
  • Real: Authentic experiences
  • Community: Food is best shared
  • Quality: A restless pursuit of excellence
  • Collaborative: A city working together to serve up more

Festival Events Selection Criteria

Successful Festival Events will be selected based on the following criteria (100%):

  • Innovative – is your event different and/or better? Does it offer something new? (25%)
  • Inspiring – does your Festival Event bring together different groups of people – different audiences, different producers and suppliers?  Does your event tell the Wellington Food Story? (20%)
  • Provocative – does your Festival Event push the boundaries? Are you challenging people’s traditional thinking? (25%)

Consideration will also be given to:

  • Scalability – Festival Events that are able to deal with high demand and potentially add additional capacity or additional Festival Event sessions (15%)
  • Ability to attract out-of-town visitors (15%)