Dine Wellington 2017 Format & Menu Pricing

In 2016 we made some changes to the way that we delivered Dine Wellington, one of the key platforms within the Visa WOAP festival. Following the 2016 festival, we took the opportunity to ask both our restaurant partners and Visa WOAP consumer participants their thoughts on what they thought was working/not working and how we could continue to develop Dine Wellington.

Overall there is still real enthusiasm for Dine Wellington with consumers, in particular, keen to see it evolve.  But, we also know that Dine Wellington needs some modifications to address the changing way we are dining and how people who take part view Dine Wellington as part of the overall festival.

We have bought back the Festival Dish (your lunch main or one of your dinner mains), and this time the competition is similar to that of Burger and Cocktail, with the public determining five finalists before the final judging panel award the winner at a special Awards evening. Score extra points from the judges for how it relates to the Festival Theme and how your matching beverages stack up. Find out more here.

Dine Wellington at Lunch

  • More casual
  • Often eaten in collaboration with people eating a burger
  • Speed of delivery is key (people only have a one-hour lunch break)
  • Multiple courses are less attractive
  • People focus a lot more on value
  • The alcohol component is less important, but it’s good to have the option

Dine Wellington at Dinner

  • Dinner out is more of a special occasion
  • The focus is on trying new things / places / socialising with friends
  • Offers the “diehards” the choice they are after
  • Wine matching is a good option
  • Time is not an issue…they are out for the night
  • Upselling is expected

New Dine Wellington Format & Pricing for 2017

In a nutshell, this feedback has helped us to formulate the new format for Dine Wellington 2017. In 2017, lunch will be a MUCH more simplified version of the Dine Wellington dinner offering with alcoholic and non-alcoholic matched beverages offered as options, with pricing to reflect this.

Dine Wellington 2017 Lunch Format

  • 1 x Festival Dish – Main Course (offered alongside Burger, if a Burger is offered). Automatically entered into the Best Festival Dish competition. 
  • No set entree or dessert options (but if diners wanted to, they could order off the a la carte menu)
  • A non-alcoholic beverage option will be available at a lower inclusive price point
  • Change in terminology around the alcoholic beverage…previously “Choose any two courses plus a Wellington regional beverage”; now “Matched Wellington regional beverage”

Dine Wellington 2017 Lunch Pricing

Up to 2016 – Any Beverage Match 2017 – With Alcohol 2017 – With Non Alcoholic Beverage
$15 N/A $15
$25 $25 $20
$35 $35 $30
$45 $45 $40

So this means, if you offer a $25 menu (including an alcoholic beverage), you also offer a $20 option that includes a non-alcoholic option.

Dine Wellington 2017 Dinner Format

As per 2016 –

  • Up to five courses
  • MUST include the Festival Dish – Main Course (as per lunch offer. Entered into the Best Festival Dish competition)
  • Can include Burger, but this is not compulsory
  • Flexible pricing policy (Restaurants can set their own price level)

New for 2017 –

  • Must include alcoholic vs non-alcoholic pricing
  • Include the option of upgrading to a bottle of the matched wine for $X (price determined by restaurant)