Cocktail Wellington brought to you by Spirits New Zealand

Launched in 2015, Cocktail Wellington brought to you by Spirits New Zealand is a cocktail/tapas match competition specifically developed to work with bars, cocktail bars and restaurants with bars, to promote Wellington’s very talented cocktail-making community. Cocktail Wellington works just like the well-known, Garage Project presents Burger Wellington. Restaurants may only participate in Cocktail Wellington if they are participating in Dine Wellington.

Any establishment offering cocktails on their menu may enter as follows:

  • If your primary trade is as a ‘restaurant/café/eating establishment’, you will only be eligible to enter Cocktail Wellington if you are participating in Dine Wellington
  • If your primary trade is as a ‘cocktail bar/bar’ (i.e. your establishment does not serve meals), you may enter Cocktail Wellington without offering a Dine Wellington menu
  • ALL participating Cocktail Wellington establishments must include a regionally-inspired tapas with your cocktail

How Cocktail Wellington works

  • You are invited to enter a “Wellington-inspired” Cocktail
  • The Cocktail must be matched with a regionally-inspired tapa
  • In addition to your cocktail, you must also offer a non-alcoholic alternative (this can be any non-alcoholic match to your tapas)
  • Content developed for Visa WOAP Programme Guide and, as per other Visa WOAP platforms
  • Consumers try cocktails and score each out of ten on (scoring closes Thurs 24 August)
  • Consumers scores determine our five finalists, who will then be judged over the final weekend of the Festival and finally, at the Festival Awards Night on Thurs 31 August.
  • Cocktail consumers who enter scores have the opportunity to win a prize and the winning restaurant/bar will also score a sweet prize! (watch this space)
  • For more info on the awards, please click here

Please note: Visa WOAP encourages Host Responsibility. Remember that the average person can process one standard drink per hour. The number of equivalent standard drinks of your cocktail will be noted in your listing.