2017 Festival Theme

A theme was introduced in 2016. There is a new theme for 2017 designed to: 

  • Act as inspiration for Dine Wellington menu creations
  • Provide guidance to the marketing team in developing the marketing campaign for the festival
  • Be used as a selection criterion for festival participants
  • Be used as a Dine Wellington Festival Dish criteria
  • Can also act as inspiration for any Festival application, whether Events, Burger or Cocktail. 

2017 Theme:

Celebrating food as part of New Zealand’s culture


  • Ingredient use, presentation and context
  • Celebrating the role that food plays alongside other cultural forms such as art, music and creative expression
  • In interpreting New Zealand’s food culture, think outside the square. What is New Zealand’s contemporary cuisine?
  • What role does our multicultural society play in our cuisine?

PLEASE NOTE: The festival theme has not been designed to encourage less festival events celebrating international cuisine and styles, in fact it’s to encourage more.  We want applicants to be thinking about what “New Zealand food” is now, in the context of New Zealand being a multicultural and contemporary nation.