WCET Food Truck Event Policy

Food Truck Operator
Food Truck Policy – as of 11 February 2016

A “Food Truck” is defined as a contained move in, move out operation. Not a market stall or street vendor (i.e. a vendor that sets up in a tent or marquee).

1) It is the responsibility of the WCET to:

a) Vet any prospective events to ensure they’re suitable for food truck presence, provide ample trading opportunity, and will be well supported and marketed by the event organiser. This does not mean the WCET guarantees the commercial success of any event nor the trading success of the food truck.

b) Provide all information around the event including:

i) Details, logistics, and anticipated attendance of the event

ii) Detailed load-in instructions and contact information for the on-site manager a minimum of seven days prior to the event

iii) Contingency plans around weather and cancelation windows

2) It is the responsibility of the food trucks to:

a) Manage their Licenses, Registration, Insurance

i) It is the responsibility of the food truck to manage and keep up to date all necessary licenses, registrations, and insurance policies. The WCET will ask that a food truck is up to date on these requirements but it is the food truck’s responsibility to ensure they are up to day. The WCET will confirm only that a truck is able to trade at the location of the event.

3) Registration Fee or Commission

a) All events the WCET organises require either an application fee or commission on sale

b) Application fees vary by event. Application fees must be paid in advance of the event. Payment is due seven days after receipt of the registration invoice or seven days before the event commences, whichever is first, or your spot will be relinquished. This application fee can be paid via direct debit.

4) Cancellations/modifications:

a) Withdrawal from an event prior to seven days before the event commences: food truck will incur no charge

b) Withdrawal from an event within seven days of the event and through until the day of the event: food truck will be subject to paying cancellation fees. Cancellation fees vary by event

c) Due to Weather

i) The cancelation of an event is at the discretion of the event organiser. The event organiser is responsible for communicating event cancelations to the food trucks, not the WCET. Event organisers are asked to notify food trucks of cancelations as soon as possible and with enough time to avoid the food truck arriving on premise. This will vary by event but will be determined prior to the event.

ii) If the event is cancelled due to weather, the food truck will be reimbursed their registration fee (or not charged their commission) for that particular day/event.

iii) If a food truck is registered for an event and wishes to cancel due to weather but the event is still taking place, the food truck will be responsible for paying a full cancelation fee.

d) Due to event attendance/sales

i) If a food truck commits to attending multiple days of a multi-day event and are not satisfied with sales and wish to withdraw from the event for subsequent days, this will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If the event is deemed well represented and supported by the event organiser and satisfactory for business by the WCET, the withdrawal will be treated as a standard cancellation and the food trucks registration fee(s) will be retained. If the event is deemed misrepresented and unsupported by the event organiser and unsatisfactory for business by the WCET, the food truck will be reimbursed their registration fees for subsequent days only.