Visa WOAP! Notebooks



Visa WOAP!, in collaboration with The Misprint Co., is excited to offer limited edition festival notebooks – made using collected menus from your favourite Visa WOAP! restaurants and cafes.

The Misprint Co. is working to do their part in creating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly Wellington. They work with cafes and restaurants to collect out-of-date menus and turn them into colourful, one of a kind notebooks. The Misprint Co. worked with Visa WOAP! restaurants to save unused, now out-of-date Visa WOAP menus after the festival.

These A6 notebooks are available for purchase! Each book is uniquely different. The notebook exteriors feature different menus and the insides are plain white, unlined paper. Please note, there is the odd printed menu page within and we cannot guarantee any specific style will be provided.

$7 each + courier costs as required

If you’re interested in purchasing a Visa WOAP! notebook, please email and include your address and credit card details.