About the Festival

Held over the last two weeks of August every year in New Zealand’s capital city, Visa Wellington On a Plate is the ultimate food festival with culinary events, set menus, burgers and cocktails providing a feast for the masses.

  • Festival Events
    127 Festival Events stretch across the Wellington region featuring everything from future chefs to historical eats and pop-ups to wine bars – a smorgasbord of culinary experiences that change every year. Restaurants, bars, producers, hotels and a throng of other businesses put on events to treat, teach and thrill participants.
  • Dine Wellington
    136 of Wellington region’s finest eateries participate in Dine Wellington to offer special set lunch and dinner menus, all including a regional beverage.
  • Garage Project present Burger Wellington
    Restaurants that participate in Dine can also enter Garage Project presents Burger Wellington: a battle of the best burgers in town. Punters score each burger they devour to help determine the best burger and burger + beer match as each year, Garage Project create limited edition brews just for Burger Wellington.
  • Cocktail Wellington brought to you by Spirits New Zealand
    Cocktail Wellington showcases Wellington’s creative cocktail community as mixologists compete to serve up the most original take on a cocktail and tapas matching. Consumers score each cocktail they try to have their say on the winner.

Festival Dish Award

  • New in 2016, all Dine Wellington mains are otherwise known as a Festival Dish, and this year chefs were inspired by the theme “An Element of Surprise”. The winner is the dish that best reflects this theme and the use of locally sourced ingredients.