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Crunching the numbers

25 May 2017

Author: Georgia Munn When my friends who live in other cities and countries ask me what Visa Wellington On a Plate is, it can be a little hard to describe. It’s like Christmas but it lasts 17 times as long? It’s literally the best thing about the generally miserable month of August? It’s the reason […]


Build a Burger Welly

31 Mar 2017

This year we welcome Husk as a new restaurant to the Visa WOAP family with a delicious Dine Wellington set menu and, for the first time ever, we’re crowd sourcing their Garage Project Burger Wellington via our Facebook page. That’s right, you, the punter get to help design a Burger Welly – and can taste […]


The 2017 Festival Awards

27 Jan 2017

You all know and love the Burger Wellington competition (much love to Garage Project for making this happen). You know, that one that runs throughout the Festival and you can score every single burger (and beer) you demolish out of 10 to determine the top 5? From over 100 burgers? This year we’re changing things […]


Three Wellington products you should be eating

27 Jan 2017

Welcome back to the Visa WOAP blog! This year joining our usual blogger Chris is the beer lovin’, cheese eatin’ lass, Georgia. Having worked on the Festival in the past, she knows the ins and outs to bring you even more behind the scenes action. Her first task was sampling a bunch of local products, […]


About last week…

02 Sep 2016

My final week of Visa Wellington On a Plate did not go as planned. With all my careful planning and mapping of the best routes between eateries, I never once expected that I’d be hospitalised for two nights for a smorgasbord of tests and procedures. I won’t bore or disgust you with the details (I […]


Bun fight of the century

01 Sep 2016

Author: Chris Tse. If Visa Wellington on a Plate has taught me anything, it’s that burgers are serious business in Wellington. In this city, we don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun. Every year, we anxiously await the announcement of the Burger Wellington finalists to see whether our favourites made it through. I tasted […]


An IPA so authentic, you could build your own empire with it.

25 Aug 2016

Author: Garage Project. When you’re matching a beer with an Indian menu that is this authentic, it has to be Pukka alright. Field & Green is just one year old but already a recipient of a ‘hat’ in the Cuisine Good Food Awards. They’ve recreated Dak Bungalow, a hybrid Anglo-Indian cuisine first created for the British […]


Keep rollin’ and wobblin’

24 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. There’s less than a week left of Visa Wellington On a Plate, so it’s munch and crunch time. Which burgers and cocktails do you really, really want to fit in before Sunday? Are there any events you’ve been putting off? With so much still to happen, VWOAP has saved some of the […]


My Visa Wellington On a Plate experience

23 Aug 2016

Author: Lucy Revill. This weekend I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to be the Visa Wellington On a Plate social media reporter for the weekend. Yes, that meant that Welly On a Plate were handing all their social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – over to me. The opportunity came about […]


It’s that time of year. Burger Wellington time.

22 Aug 2016

Author: Pete Gillespie form Garage Project We love Burger Wellington. For us it’s one of the best events in the Capital’s packed culinary calendar. That’s a bold claim but we think it’s justified. Just on a purely visceral level burgers are flat out yummy. They generally involve caramelized meat of some kind, perhaps some melted […]


Shake your cocktail feather

19 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. We’re coming up to the mid-way point of Visa Wellington On a Plate and already there’s been big love for burgers, events and Dine Wellington dishes that have got Wellingtonians raving. In the words of noted singer of song Celine Dion, these are special times. But let’s turn to something that most […]


I love cheap thrills

17 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. Getting out and about during Visa Wellington On a Plate doesn’t mean you have to throw cash around like you’re in a hip-hop music video. There are plenty of low-cost options that’ll let you stretch your VWOAP budget a little further. When it comes to Dine Wellington, a Festival Dish can be cheaper […]


Shiny and new

15 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse There’s nothing like the excitement of a new eatery or bar opening its doors for the first time. For this blog post, I spoke with the hard-working people behind three new Wellington restaurants. Two have been up and running for just a few short months, and the other has only been open […]


Pop Life

13 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. Everybody needs a thrill – even if it’s for the briefest of moments – and pop-ups are perfect for delivering that rush. Visa Wellington On a Plate is never short on thrills, with plenty of pop-ups and special events springing up all over the city during the festival. The Doughnut Pop-Up (12-28 […]


The chocolate revolution

11 Aug 2016

Author: Georgia Munn. It seems that chocolate is on the cusp of a revolution. These days, we’ve all become incredibly educated on wine varieties, coffee beans and types of hops and it’s become mainstream to be a wine, coffee or beer snob. Now our chocolate producers are helping those with sweet teeth to understand where exactly […]


We need you!

09 Aug 2016

The Festival team are on the hunt for some volunteers to help feed and entertain the masses at three key events. Love food? Want to share the love of Visa WOAP with others? Read on, and if you are interested please email us: Jelly Exhibition – Tuesday 23 thru Sunday 28 August – Free Entry […]


Welcome home

09 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. A traditional Myanmar greeting is “Htamin sa pi bi la?”, which means “Have you eaten?”. What a wonderful way to greet a loved one, and the perfect summation of Logan Brown’s very special event Welcome Home. Food is intrinsically tied to home and place. It can be a gateway to a new […]


And the Festival Dish Award goes to…

08 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. The Visa Wellington On a Plate Festival Dish Award celebrates the one main dish that does one, two or all of the following: best reflects the culinary capital’s flavour; creative interpretation of the ‘element of surprise’ theme; and/or uses local products and suppliers. With hundreds of dishes to choose from, five finalists […]


Rockin’ the suburbs

04 Aug 2016

Author: Chris Tse. For a few years I lived in a wonderful little apartment on Taranaki Street with a world of temptation – of the food and beverage kind – waiting just outside my front door. But as much as I loved living in the heart of the city, the downside began to manifest itself […]


One spreadsheet to rule them all…

03 Aug 2016

You peeps sure know how to make Excel look good. We had so many great entries, but congrats to Eugene who received an A++ from all judges! Eugene loves a good surf and turf, so a gourmet burger with kobe beef & crayfish, plus bearnaise sauce wouldn’t go astray for 2017 (hint hint to the chefs out there…) The spreadsheet Say […]